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Events Calendar
Events Calendar

SVPA hosts several events throughout the year. Once a month (January through October) we're proud to present MCLE luncheons featuring speakers on varied topics of interest to paralegals. Annually, SVPA holds a gala in honor of Paralegal Day, a four-hour MCLE seminar and various other events and activities.



Admission to luncheons is either free or discounted for our members. We alternated our monthly events between luncheons and free to members luncheons hosted by sponsors around Sacramento. Paralegals are required by Business and Professions Code to complete a certain number of MCLE hours.

Speakers & Sponsors

We are always on the lookout for speakers on legally educational topics! If you are interested in speaking at a luncheon, please contact Kathy Bailey, President. Please note that speakers must provide either a written handout or power point presentation, and must speak to a topic that is of educational value to paralegals. Motivational speakers and sales pitches, while valuable, are not topics we can entertain at MCLE luncheons.

We are able to allow sponsors to make a brief sales presentations at luncheons, contact Kathy Bailey, President if your company is interested in becoming a luncheon sponsor.

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