The Sacramento Valley Paralegal Association (formerly the Sacramento Association of Legal Assistants) was founded in 1978 as a professional and educational organization for paralegals, and was incorporated in 1981 under the California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation laws. The majority of members are paralegals, paralegal educators, students and other persons interested in the profession.

SVPA purpose:

* To foster and promote standards of the paralegal profession

* To cooperate and offer education for paralegals

* To increase attorney and public awareness of the role of the paralegal in the delivery of legal services

* To gather, receive, study and disseminate information concerning paralegals

To accomplish these goals, SVPA hosts a monthly luncheon featuring a CLE speaker, holds several annual events, and publishes an informative newsletter for members.  For more information on SVPA programs, use the links at the top of the page.

Notice: SVPA is a Professional Association.  By law, Paralegals cannot give legal advice or assist with legal matters.  Please consult an attorney for legal advice or assistance with a legal matter.